Letter To The Govt —: ” What We Ask For Now Is Electricity

Lagos state is takn nigeria to a greater height;with its fast growing transformation and formailization presently going on in the state
Recently, Lagos state Government had used the EYO FESTIVAL to test run the New Bus Rapid Transit,LAGBUS and other Transportation facilities. Lagos state was recruiting more hands to ensure that transportation is effective.
There will be functional public transportation and controlled traffic management throughout lagos state…says the state governor
Lagos state has also bein able to achieve the following vision through governor Babatunde Raji Fashola (B.R.F) San
*Visible Health Delivery Programme
*Visible Housing Delivery Programme
*Visible Education Delivery Programme
*Clear and Decongested Roads
*Job Creation Through Investment
*Formailization and Transformation of EYO Festival
*Beautification of Lagos
*Fight Against Corruption
*Protection of Life and Properties
*Flourshing Public Private Partnership
*Functing Government Department Dat Open at 9am daily.
Imagine if this starts 1960,Lagos state would by now rival with top cities globly
How you can stabilize our electricity in the next 18months



“He created men weak”

How many times have U felt so angry that U were just about to hit someone ?
How many times have U shouted at Ur parent ?
Do these happen alot ?
Then U are not the only one.
Almight Allah says in the Holy Qur’an
“He created men weak”
When a lion or wolf is angry,He does not think,But when a Man is angry as a result of provocation,He has a choice of controlling his anger or responding to it.
As he learned from the Holy Qur’an and from prophet mohammed’s (PBOH) teachings,or forget all that and become a wild animal like the lion.
Anger takes place when U are unable to control Ur emotion.
During anger,one can physically or verbally abuse a person dat he or she loves,hurt another living thing like an animal or during the dejection phase of anger,one can even hurt himself and commit suicide.
Prophet mohammed (PBOH) gave us the medicine from his saying to control our moment.
“shake hands and vengeance will disappear” OR “Give gift to each other and love one another enemity will disappear”
And You could as well walk away just to see the tension that U’ve built die down.
If any of my questions affects U in anyway you can try using this note. Ma’salam