Christmas ‘n’ Nigeria

Looking back to the day of Roma empires, there was a particular celebration then that was symbolic to the birth of Christ; though it was not stated in the holy book e.g Bible, that 25th December marks the birth of Christ
but this date that tally with the Roma celebration was picked and since then  it has been tagged Christmas.
My country Nigeria has a network of air, waterway,land and rail routes all attracting increasing levels of traffic in person and cargo.

Jos Crisis Never Again
Jos Crisis Never Again

its numerous ethnic groups speaks several distinct and related languages; Its lingua frana is ENGLISH.

Jos Crisis Never Again

It may also be useful to contact the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation or the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies.
Today, we are experiencing many difficulties ranging from ethnicity to tribalism crisis: among all is the present religious crisis, with the latest in Jos.

Now adays people have taking festive period to be an avenue to make money,ranging from transportation to good and services.
We all know Christmas to be the celebration of birth of Christ , this same date was set aside by hoodlums and terrorist to strike down people in different guarding while celebrating .
They have chosen to bring mourning, sorrow, grief and pains to different families.  More to this was the lack of security that has not been provided government which brings about ritual killing, robbery and the killings of future leaders.

It was heard that information reached the NIGERIAN POLICE on that attack before Christmas eve, even though the people giving out the information could be detained instead of further investigation.

the questions rocks my mind is WHY?

Why this country?

Why this period?

Why this date?

Burnt Person

Why is it that some people don’t have respect for other life?

Even if it was find out to be true that the Muslim where behind this attacks on Christmas, my quote will still remain :
two wrongs cant make a right

because all we need in this country is more than prayer.

Jos Crisis Never Again
Jos Nigeria

What is the next agenda?

Earlier today I was still wondering why the increase in the rate of violence,assaults,crimes, robberies and thefts is happening at this period of the year ; then thoughts like what,how and why linger through me as regards why will one go around to take something that belongs to his follow man ; later i concluded that though nature have it that we humans always want more or probably want to have it all.


This position is attested to by recent social unrest in various African countries that have roots in the failure of government policies to provide or manage the basic human needs of their citizens then i re-phased my thoughts. In recent times and especially since the commencement of the present political dispensation, Nigeria has witnessed increasing number of security problems and developments that constitute threats to the maintenance and survival of its democratic political system. These security concerns are diverse and complex, ranging from political disagreements to criminal activities with alarming dimensions and consequences; Plus I don’t believe that poverty does not contribute to the rate of armed robbery; even here in the South West, you will notice that there is a trend where the lower class communities are more exposed to crime on their part because they cannot afford to invest in high-tech gadgets to protect themselves on the criminal part because the criminals are usually lazy, drug addicts and the lower class are the easy targets.
Now this is common in the West where laws are enforced, jobless people are being paid by the young able-bodied men usually get access to an allowance. How much more in states where none of these exist. I am not trying to justify robbery, I’m just saying that we Africans are very morally conscious people and if people were given a choice, then it wouldn’t be as bad as it is now.

Then a friend said to me like : Poverty has nothing to do with robbery because we all have choices we make in life and these are harden criminals that chose to prey on innocent people. on the other note, we have government that does not take security serious.
In Lagos for instance, since we have Para military patrol robbery and other joint forces, the crime rate has declined. we need sophisticated weapons to fight crimes, a well equipped force will perform.  How can you pay a police man  #11*** and you expect them to stop crimes? And when there are casualties of this actions, they are been neglected behind their co workers.
See this and refused to sacrifice their life to fight robbers. The robbers are more equipped in Nigeria than the forces.
You can’t stop bullet with flash light sure more employment will help but a criminal will always be a criminal.