lectures commences after three month strike


Lagos State University
Lagos State University
Lagos state university
Lagos badagry express way,


Lagos state university commences lectures after three month strike
The Lagos state university (lasu) commences lecture on the 5th of January 2011 after a three months strike which started in the month of September 2010 which lasted for three months, this action commenced when the Lagos state government refused to implement the salary scale of lecturer and poor infrastructural facilities in the school. The strike which began with a week warning strike to alert the state government of an impending strike. This led to a rally by Lagos state university student at the governor’s office in alawusa ikeja. Some of which student where arrested for public disorder.


Lagos state university location
Lagos state university location


The Lagos state student union fixed a meeting date with the governor BABATUNDE RAJI FASHOLA, on how to solve the problem on ground, the meeting which lasted for about five hours resulted into a definite conclusion when the student union agreed on suspend the strike for few months so that the state government can come up with a solution, the student union gave specific timing on when the strike will commence if the state government is not ready to head hare to their demands.




My Acts Of Late With Social Sites

Talk about strangers, i was once an advocate that goes against welcoming  strangers to our homes  not to talk of our life .

Sunday 26th December, that day i was at my grandma’s house for Christmas visit and i needed to do some tidy up , i was at the front yard preparing a table stand for ironing before the rang of the bell. i was called to check who was at the gate; where i met two ladies and a young male carrying bags and bibles in their hands, they where members of the “JEHOVAH WITNESS” .   They had brief introduction with me before i asked my cousin to attend to them while i continue with what i was doing . They requested my audience but all i could say to them was I’m busy. The only information they got from me was my name, i don’t think they spent up or close to 5 minutes. Few minutes after they left,my cousin brought this pamphlet that they dropped, which i never took time to read until January 6th 2011.

That morning , i got off bed early and i was unable to get back to sleep so i just have to do something to pass time. I picked up this book and started flipping through pages, my eyes became heavy that they almost fell off the socket. Suddenly, i was attracted to this particular page which had a topic like “I Was A Social Network Addict”. That i just posted few days back on my blog site.

That topic talks more about my acts of late with social network sites, now , i have planned to follow the trend laid down by me to reduce my time constrain on both mobile, laptops and even the cybercafe.


How To Be Balance

If u use some form of electronic Medias


electronics to the world
electronics to the world

–whether a computer, a cell phone, or another device

–ask yourself this four questions and following a few simple DOS and DON’TS will help you to stay and       in control


“Fill your minds with this thing that are good and that deserve praises: things that are true, noble right pure lovely and honorable

DO keep in contact with friend and family, and share up building news and viewpoints.

DON’TS spread harmful gossip, share immoral text messages or pictures or morally degrading video clips or programs


”For everything there is an appointed time

DO set a limit on how much time you will spend sending or receiving call and text messages, watching programs or playing games (video)

Out of respect; turn off your devices while at important places and events, such as meetings, you can respond to messages later.


electronics to the world
electronics and humans

Don’ts allow your use of electronic media to interrupt time you have set aside to spend with friends and family, to study or to engage in spiritual activities.


“Do not d=be misled, bad associations spoil useful habits.

DO use electronic media to strengthen the ties you have with people who encourage you to develop good habits.

DON’T fool yourself –you will adopt the standards, language and thinking of those you choose to socialize with through e-mail, text, TV, Video or the

electronics to the world
text messages


And lastly


“Make sure of the more important things

DO keep track of how much time you spend using electronic media

DON’T ignore the comment of your friends and family or the direction of your parents of they say that you’re spending too more time with some form of media.

“Speaking of using electronic media in a balance way, a friend’s quote sum up the matter well : Electronic are fun, but only for only for brief amount of time, I’ve learned not to allow technology to be a wedge that separates me


from my family and friends.

I Was A Social Network Addict

“A few years ago, my family moved. I wanted to keep in touch with my friends, and they invited me to join a photo sharing site. That seemed like a great way to say connected .I would be talking to people I knew, not strangers, so what could possibly go wrong?

“At first, all worked well, I would go online once a week to look at my friend’s pictures and post comments and read their comments on my pictures. But i soon become obsessed. Before I knew it, was on the site all the time. Since I was online that much, people who are friends of my friends began to notice, and they invited me to be their friends, you know how it is, a friend says that this person is good fun, so you accept. Before you have 50 0line friends

“Soon, i found that I was constantly thinking about being online. Even when I was on the web site, i was thinking about when I could get back to check it next time and they I needed to post new pictures. I’d read a comment here, post a video there, and before I knew it, hours would fly by.

It took about a year and half ,but I eventually realized that I was and addict. Now, thought, I tightly control my use of internet and focus on making friends face-to-face with people who I know share my moral standards. Some of my friends don’t understand my actions, but I’ve learned my lessons.

By Ellen