I Was A Social Network Addict

“A few years ago, my family moved. I wanted to keep in touch with my friends, and they invited me to join a photo sharing site. That seemed like a great way to say connected .I would be talking to people I knew, not strangers, so what could possibly go wrong?

“At first, all worked well, I would go online once a week to look at my friend’s pictures and post comments and read their comments on my pictures. But i soon become obsessed. Before I knew it, was on the site all the time. Since I was online that much, people who are friends of my friends began to notice, and they invited me to be their friends, you know how it is, a friend says that this person is good fun, so you accept. Before you have 50 0line friends

“Soon, i found that I was constantly thinking about being online. Even when I was on the web site, i was thinking about when I could get back to check it next time and they I needed to post new pictures. I’d read a comment here, post a video there, and before I knew it, hours would fly by.

It took about a year and half ,but I eventually realized that I was and addict. Now, thought, I tightly control my use of internet and focus on making friends face-to-face with people who I know share my moral standards. Some of my friends don’t understand my actions, but I’ve learned my lessons.

By Ellen


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