My Acts Of Late With Social Sites

Talk about strangers, i was once an advocate that goes against welcoming  strangers to our homes  not to talk of our life .

Sunday 26th December, that day i was at my grandma’s house for Christmas visit and i needed to do some tidy up , i was at the front yard preparing a table stand for ironing before the rang of the bell. i was called to check who was at the gate; where i met two ladies and a young male carrying bags and bibles in their hands, they where members of the “JEHOVAH WITNESS” .   They had brief introduction with me before i asked my cousin to attend to them while i continue with what i was doing . They requested my audience but all i could say to them was I’m busy. The only information they got from me was my name, i don’t think they spent up or close to 5 minutes. Few minutes after they left,my cousin brought this pamphlet that they dropped, which i never took time to read until January 6th 2011.

That morning , i got off bed early and i was unable to get back to sleep so i just have to do something to pass time. I picked up this book and started flipping through pages, my eyes became heavy that they almost fell off the socket. Suddenly, i was attracted to this particular page which had a topic like “I Was A Social Network Addict”. That i just posted few days back on my blog site.

That topic talks more about my acts of late with social network sites, now , i have planned to follow the trend laid down by me to reduce my time constrain on both mobile, laptops and even the cybercafe.



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