How to Be Self Boss

Do you know that you’re working more than your boss, but you get paid less than what your boss earns?
That’s the way most businesses work. If you want to get out of that zone and realize how much you can earn on your own, read on



Create a business idea. Think of what you want to sell, or what service you want to provide. Make sure that it’s something you know you would enjoy doing it. Don’t think of how you’re going to make it happen yet, just expand your imagination and have fun with it.
Get a partner. It must be someone who believes in your business plan, who is keen on working together with you. A good partner would contribute more ideas to your plan, and immediately you can see how things are really going to work out now.
Collect money. Be it you and your partner’s savings accounts or your family’s contributions, get as much money as you could and keep it only for the business. Start recording how much money you’ve got to make sure that you wouldn’t spend it for the wrong reasons.
Get modal. Find out where you can get the items that you need at low costs. Rent a shop if necessary, either to store the items, to sell them, or to provides services. Register for a business license.
Promote. Now that you’re ready to work, spread your words. You can distribute flyers, sticking up posters, create a website, anything. Just let your business be known by as many people as possible.
Treat customers. When you get your first customer, you would be excited. Let the first few ones be your ‘trial and error’. You won’t know how to make things work well unless you’ve got some experience. It’s ok to go slow and steady.
Earn money. Be patient about your income, in the first few weeks or months, it’s expected to be low. You have to keep believing in it and work harder. Big money doesn’t come easy. Be willing to sacrifice long hours of work. Good luck!


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