About WeBlog

Welcome to WeBlog , the Gateway to music production and recording processes/technology. Based in Lagos, Nigeria and independently-owned, I’ve been around since 2001. This blog site houses our continually-expanding archive of highly informative articles (from January 2004) that chart the impact of technology on the music production and recording processes.

WeBlog is recognized internationally as the ‘HOLY BOOK’ of the hi-tech music recording industry.
Every month our NIGERIA editions deliver consistently more pages than any competing title, packed full of in-depth product tests of Recording Systems, Music Software: DAWs, Virtual Instruments, Plug-ins, Synthesizers, Keyboards & Rack Modules, Music Computers, Samplers, Soundcards, Mixing Consoles, Effects & Signal Processors and not forgetting studio essentials like Microphones and Monitors; plus insight to sample and top nu singles, you’ll read anywhere. Regular Tutorials and practical ‘how to’ Workshops offer no-nonsense advice for beginners and professionals alike, helping readers gain the most from their studio equipment.
Hope to offer more


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