How To Be Balance

If u use some form of electronic Medias


electronics to the world
electronics to the world

–whether a computer, a cell phone, or another device

–ask yourself this four questions and following a few simple DOS and DON’TS will help you to stay and       in control


“Fill your minds with this thing that are good and that deserve praises: things that are true, noble right pure lovely and honorable

DO keep in contact with friend and family, and share up building news and viewpoints.

DON’TS spread harmful gossip, share immoral text messages or pictures or morally degrading video clips or programs


”For everything there is an appointed time

DO set a limit on how much time you will spend sending or receiving call and text messages, watching programs or playing games (video)

Out of respect; turn off your devices while at important places and events, such as meetings, you can respond to messages later.


electronics to the world
electronics and humans

Don’ts allow your use of electronic media to interrupt time you have set aside to spend with friends and family, to study or to engage in spiritual activities.


“Do not d=be misled, bad associations spoil useful habits.

DO use electronic media to strengthen the ties you have with people who encourage you to develop good habits.

DON’T fool yourself –you will adopt the standards, language and thinking of those you choose to socialize with through e-mail, text, TV, Video or the

electronics to the world
text messages


And lastly


“Make sure of the more important things

DO keep track of how much time you spend using electronic media

DON’T ignore the comment of your friends and family or the direction of your parents of they say that you’re spending too more time with some form of media.

“Speaking of using electronic media in a balance way, a friend’s quote sum up the matter well : Electronic are fun, but only for only for brief amount of time, I’ve learned not to allow technology to be a wedge that separates me


from my family and friends.


National Interest

National Interest

CELEBRATING OUR NATION ( National Interest )


Srow Like An Eagle Hawk Vulture Crow

We as nigerian knows our problem; we don’t have to place our problems in braces,brackets or parentheses
ranging from the road,good food to power sector
we all know the failures of our leaders
its not just started now not today but since 1960
we guess the nation is at sleep; the best way to slove a problem is by facing it squarely and not shying away from it
what are we doing about it;are we just here to sitting and talk about it, or seek for solutions or fight for a better placement of things…?
Yes, we all know about the irresponsible government governing the responsible citizens but since we are still responsible for what paint the nation wear and the colours used to paint our nation by the outside world.


We can still wake from this unending sleep ;
Positive thinking can go a long way if we have to start with better ways of approaching issues
How are you helping the man next to you..?
Our leaders have failed us,let help make this failure stop here; don’t extend this to the next generation. Create a positive way of life for the young ones to follow.
The nation is on the bend, dont let it break,help straighten nigeria
We all have a role has a leader……………..



I weep for NIGERIA

Millennium Footbridges,Lagosians Still Awaits


For Lagos to attain its maga city status as proposed by Government ,protecting the lives of pedestrains must top its agenda and be taken seriously ….
4 years after the Lagos State Government initiated the construction of 19 millennium footbridges in some areas in the Lagos metropolis under a public private partnership (PPP) the project appears to have suffered setback
only 4 and 8 on the high way out of the 19 footbridges expected to be constructed under memorandum of understanding ( MoU ) agreement with a construction firm DesignPlast Nigeria Limited more than 4yrs now
Interstingly,there are no visible sign of an preparedness on the part of the government or its partner to construct additional ones on d high ways.


Just Areas like
onipanu,palm grove ,sanya b/stop n oshodi-Apapa express way was completed months back.
According to the MoU signed in february 8,2005
Designplast is to construct the footbridges at the following designateds places
Chalie Boy Bus-Stop,Gbagada
Onipanu Bus-stop
NITEL Bus-Stop,ikoyi
Tin Can Island Express Way
Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way
Alfred Rewane RD
Palm Grove Bus-Stop
Sanya Bus-Stop
Oshodi-Apapa Express Way
7-Up Bus-Stop on the Lagos -Ibadan Express Way
C&S Ayo Ni,Sanya;Coconut Berliet and Ijeshatedo,Abule Egba and Alaba II Bus-Stop on Badagy Express Way
The MoU endorsed by the state Government and the firm showed that part of the contract was that after the completion of the project the company would recoup its investment in 25years from the proceeds of advertisement on the footbridges….So what is stopping SAN BRF ?